How to play Bingo

How to play Bingo?

A question asked by a lot of new players is How to play Bingo? It’s one of the most simple games to play and yet as with anything, if you have never played Bingo you just would not know how. Whether you want to know how to play Bingo online or in a Bingo club the basics are pretty much the same. We have put together a step by step guide to exactly what happens or “how to play Bingo”.

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  1. The 1st thing you need to do when learning how to play Bingo is buy a ticket or tickets for the games they wish to play.
  2. Once the tickets are sold or the game is due to start no more tickets will be sold and the game will begin.
  3. The Bingo caller will draw the numbers and call them out each time
  4. As the numbers are called out you must mark them on your ticket (If playing online the numbers will be marked automatically for you).
  5. Check what game your playing and what you need to do to win. You may need one line to win in which case that is when you have marked all numbers on the same line horizontally. If it is two lines you require to win it is the same as one line but you have to of marked all numbers on two of the lines to win. If you need a full house you must mark all numbers on your card or ticket to win.
  6. When you have won you must let the caller know either by shrieking YES or BINGO or HOUSE or anything you can think of to get the callers attention to let them know you have won. This must be done before the next number is called so it’s important to keep up. If your playing online this will all happen automatically so you can sit back, enjoy and wait to be applauded with lots of WTG by your Bingo friends. For me that’s one of the greatest advantages to playing online. If you do not know how to play Bingo there is no need to panic as it’s all done for you.

The difference between Online Bingo and Bingo clubs

The main difference between Online Bingo and playing in a club or with friends is that online the tickets or cards are marked for you and when you win everything happens automatically. You never have to worry about missing a call or not calling quick enough when you win. When you play in a club you do need to hear every call and mark off the number. You also have to call on the number you win on and before the next number is called.

How many different types of Bingo games are there?

When learning how to play bingo it is important to realise their are 4 different types of games.

30 ball Bingo also known as speed Bingo

If your playing 30 ball or speed Bingo even in a Bingo hall where you’re dabbing your own ticket there’s no need to panic. It’s not called speed Bingo because the numbers are called out at a rocket speed. It has the name because there are only 30 balls / numbers. With such a small amount of numbers the games are over in no time at all, hence “speed Bingo”.

How to play Bingo in 75 ball Bingo

75 ball is the most common game played in the United States. The card / ticket contains 25 individual numbers across 25 squares in 5 rows of 5. The games can vary but typically you will need to mark off a line in any direction to win, even diagonally or any given shape predetermined before the game begins.

How to play Bingo in 80 ball Bingo

80 ball Bingo is played with 16 numbers on each ticket on 4 rows of 4. For the convenience of marking the card the numbers are set out in rows. With the 1st row being for numbers 1 – 20, the 2nd row being for numbers 21 – 40, the 3rd row for numbers 41 – 60 and the 4th row for the final numbers 61 – 80. in 80 ball Bingo there are multiple ways to win. The prize may be for marking all 4 corners, marking a line or again any pattern stated before the game begins.

How to play Bingo in 90 ball Bingo

90 ball Bingo is by far the most popular version of Bingo around the world. This version has the most amount of balls being 90 yet the ticket / card only has 15 numbers with 5 numbers across 3 rows. Typically the game is played with 3 winners per game. Firstly the winner is the 1st player to get a line (all numbers marked across 1 row) the 2nd winner is the person who marks off 2 lines (marks every number across 2 rows). and finally the 3rd winner and the biggest winner of all 3 is the player that marks off every number on their card for a full house.

It is important to note that the game is not always played like this. It can vary from game to game when sometimes you will play for all 3 prizes, on occasion it could be just for the line or 2 lines or straight to the full house with no lines. But typically you would play for all 3.

How to play Bingo on zoom

People are looking more and more for games to play online with friends and a common question googled is how to play Bingo on zoom? We have created this guide on how to play Bingo on zoom to help you on your way. If you have any complete beginners send them to our how to play Bingo guide. or if your looking to play on your own check out our Bingo sites for some incredible welcome bonuses.

Guide on how to play Bingo on zoom

There are a few simple steps to creating the perfect online Bingo with friends experience. We have detailed them below so everyone will be able to learn how to play online Bingo on zoom.

Organise and teach your friends how to play Bingo on zoom

The secret to playing Bingo on zoom is all in the planning. here is a short list of what is required in the planning but we will go into more detail further on.

  • Who will play ?
  • What platform will you play on (zoom) ?
  • Who will be the Bingo caller ?
  • Where will we get the Bingo cards and how will we get them to everyone ?
  • Will we play in teams, individually or a mixture of both ?
  • Will their be prizes and if so what will they be ?
  • How will prizes be distributed ?

Choose who will play

The first question is who do you want to play bingo on zoom with. Is it a Family night or do you want to play online bingo with friends. Invite all your family / friends and get ready for a fantastic night of Bingo and laughs. Anyone can join in. If your learning how to play Bingo on zoom for a night with friends then things can get crazy especially when the drinks start to flow.

When playing Bingo on zoom with family there is often more than one person using each zoom screen. they can still play individually or as part of a team. It really does not make any difference but it is just easier to make little decisions like that at the start.

Create your Bingo room

The next step when learning how to play Bingo on zoom is creating your Bingo room. You need to send the details of your zoom Bingo room to all your friends or family members making sure to include the meeting ID and password / pin.

Who will be the Bingo caller

As host you can be the bingo caller all night yourself, choose another member to call the numbers or take turns in calling the numbers so everyone can join in the fun. If anyone has a spinning bingo ball that will help but putting screwed up bits of paper with numbers on in a hat works just as well. If it’s a boozy affair the numbers seem to just get shouted out randomly as the night goes on often repeating the same numbers in the same game.

Where can i get Bingo cards?

The easiest way to get Bingo cards is a simple google search for “downloadable Bingo cards” or try these at . You can either download the Bingo cards yourself and send them to each player or each player can perform the task themselves. If a player does not have access to a printer they can simply create a grid and write the numbers on them with a pen.

How to play Bingo on zoom with prizes?

If your playing for prizes you have a few options available to you.

Cash Bingo – If playing for cash you will need to collect the money. You can do this easily through Paypal or your bank account then send the money back to winning players at the end. You will need to decide the buy in, how many games you will play and the amount each game prize will be.

Charity Bingo – Charity bingo still involves a buy in (often small) but you have an overall winner at the end of the night instead of each game and they choose which good cause the money will go to. The easiest way to do this is create a league system with a player earning a point for winning a game. If the league is tied at the end of the night you have a winner takes all decider. It can all get very exciting.

Play for prizes – Each player or household can donate a prize each and that’s what you play for. Prizes can be anything from a bottle of wine, a baked cake, a household job or anything else you can think of.

How to play Bingo FAQ’s

Thank you for reading our how to play Bingo guide. If you feel we have not covered everything on how to play Bingo you may find this Wikihow page helpful.