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Patent – How to place a Patent bet, bonus and more

Demystifying the Patent Bet: A beginner’s guide

Ever heard of a patent bet but felt intimidated by the name? Worry not! This guide will break down everything you need to know about this interesting betting option in simple terms. So, buckle up and get ready to unlock the secrets of the patent bet!

What is a patent bet?

A patent bet is a type of multiple bet that combines seven bets into one. These seven bets are made on three different selections, offering you more ways to win compared to single bets. Imagine it as a safety net for your selections – even if one lets you down, you can still score some winnings.

How does it work?

Think of three horses you like in different races. A patent bet on these horses would include:

  • Three single bets: One on each horse to win its race.
  • Three double bets: Each horse paired with another to win their respective races (e.g., horse A and horse B, horse A and horse C, and horse B and horse C).
  • One treble bet: All three horses winning their races.

Advantages of patent bets:

  • Higher winning potential: Compared to single bets, a patent bet offers more chances to win, even if not all your selections come first.
  • Safety net: Even if one selection loses, you can still get some return from the remaining bets.
  • Flexibility: You don’t need all three selections to win to make a profit.

Disadvantages of patent bets:

  • Higher cost: Placing a patent bet requires seven times the stake compared to a single bet.
  • Lower returns: Compared to a winning treble bet, the returns from a patent bet will be lower.
  • Risk of multiple losses: If all three selections lose, you lose your entire stake.

When to use a patent bet:

  • When you’re confident about three selections but unsure about the exact winners.
  • When you want to spread your risk and potentially secure some winnings even if not all your selections come first.
  • When you’re looking for a more exciting betting option than single bets.


  • Patent bets are best suited for situations where the odds of each selection winning are moderate.
  • Always gamble responsibly and within your budget.

So, is the patent bet for you?

That depends on your risk appetite and betting goals. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to start with smaller stakes and try out the patent bet on events with moderate odds. With a little practice and understanding, you might just find this versatile betting option to be your new favorite!

Patent Bet Strategies: Unveiling Advanced Tactics for Potential Profits

While a patent bet offers broader coverage than a single bet, maximizing returns and managing risk require strategic finesse. Delving deeper into advanced tactics, let’s explore how to leverage the patent’s versatility for different scenarios:

1. Unleashing the Underdog Power:

  • Target value odds: Focus on underdogs with odds suggesting potential for upset victories. Even if only one selection wins, you may still secure decent returns.
  • Combinations matter: Choose underdogs with contrasting strengths to balance their weaknesses. If one falters, another might compensate.
  • Hedging with favorites: Combine underdogs with a single safe favorite. This mitigates risk and provides a safety net if the underdogs disappoint.

2. Balancing Favourites and Longshots:

  • High-reward potential: Mix one or two high-odds longshots with two or three strong favorites. Landing the longshot can yield massive payouts, while favorites offer stability.
  • Probability play: Analyze historical data and match-ups to identify longshots with a higher-than-expected chance of success.
  • Controlled risk: Limit the stake on the longshots compared to the favorites. This protects your bankroll even if the longshots miss the mark.

3. Exploiting Market Inefficiencies:

  • Odds discrepancies: Compare odds across different bookmakers. Identify situations where one bookmaker offers inflated odds for a selection within your patent.
  • Value in correlations: Analyze how selections might influence each other’s performance. If a favorite’s win significantly increases the chance of another selection succeeding, factor that into your decision.
  • Dynamic adjustments: Don’t be afraid to tweak your plan based on late-breaking news or changes in odds. Stay flexible and adapt to optimize your chances.


  • No guaranteed success: Like any betting strategy, patents involve inherent risk. Manage your bankroll responsibly and avoid chasing losses.
  • Practice makes perfect: Test different strategies with small stakes before risking larger amounts. Gain experience and refine your approach.
  • Enjoy the process: Don’t get fixated solely on returns. Analyze, strategize, and have fun with the intellectual challenge of crafting winning patents.

By implementing these advanced tactics and maintaining a responsible betting approach, you can unlock the true potential of patent bets and potentially navigate your way to more frequent and fulfilling returns.

Patent Bet Variations: Exploring Yankees and Lucky 15s

While the patent bet offers a good balance of coverage and risk, several variations provide similar opportunities with slight tweaks. Let’s dive into two popular alternatives: the Yankee and the Lucky 15:

Patent Bet:

  • A combination bet on 3 selections consisting of 7 individual bets:
    • 3 singles
    • 3 doubles
    • 1 treble
  • Offers some win potential even if one selection loses.
  • Higher stake compared to single bets.

Yankee Bet:

  • A combination bet on 4 selections consisting of 11 individual bets:
    • 4 singles
    • 6 doubles
    • 4 trebles
    • 1 fourfold
  • Provides more winning combinations than a Patent, even with losing selections.
  • Requires an even higher stake than a Patent.

Lucky 15:

  • A combination bet on 4 selections consisting of 15 individual bets:
    • 4 singles
    • 6 doubles
    • 4 trebles
    • 1 fourfold
    • 4 doubles from different selections (a different pair for each bet)
  • Offers the most winning combinations compared to the Patent and Yankee.
  • Requires the highest stake out of all three bets.


  • All three are combination bets offering multiple wins for different selection outcomes.
  • They provide coverage for losing selections, unlike single bets.
  • Increasing stake with more selections.


  • Number of selections and individual bets: Patent (3/7), Yankee (4/11), Lucky 15 (4/15).
  • Potential winning combinations: Patent (4), Yankee (11), Lucky 15 (15).
  • Stake required: Patent (low), Yankee (medium), Lucky 15 (high).

Choosing the Right Bet:

  • Patent: Good balance of coverage and risk for 3 selections.
  • Yankee: More win potential even with losses, but higher stake and complexity for 4 selections.
  • Lucky 15: Maximum win potential for 4 selections, but very high stake and ideal for situations where all selections have a good chance of winning.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your risk tolerance, budget, and the specifics of your selections.

Additional Notes:

  • Some betting platforms offer variations of these bets with different names or slight rule changes. Always check the specific details before placing your bet.
  • Remember, all bets involve risk, and gambling should be done responsibly.

A Patent Bet can be a great way to increase your betting potential, but understanding how to place one is key. Here’s a breakdown to help you out:

What is a Patent Bet?

It’s a multiple bet composed of seven bets in total, placed on three different selections. It covers all possible outcomes from those three selections, offering you a return even if only one wins. The seven bets consist of:

  • Three singles: Bets on each selection winning individually.
  • Three doubles: Bets on any two selections winning in combination.
  • One treble: A bet on all three selections winning.

How to Place a Patent Bet:

  1. Choose your platform: Most online and physical betting platforms offer Patent Bet options.
  2. Select your three choices: Pick three events (typically in different races, matches, or games) you believe have a good chance of winning.
  3. Decide your stake: This will be multiplied by seven, as it covers all seven bets mentioned above.
  4. Choose “Patent” bet: Look for the “Patent” option on your platform’s bet slip. It might be under “Multiples” or similar tabs.
  5. Place your bet: Confirm your details and stake, and you’re good to go!


  • You only need one selection to win to receive a return, although the amount will be smaller than if multiple selections win.
  • The more selections that win, the higher your return.
  • Patent Bets are generally considered safe bets compared to other accumulators as you only need one win for a return.
  • Use betting calculators offered by betting platforms to estimate your potential winnings based on your stake and odds.

Examples of placing a Patent Bet:

  • You choose three horses in different races with odds of 3/1, 5/2, and 7/1. You place a £10 Patent Bet. If one horse wins, you’ll receive a return (the amount depends on the winning horse’s odds). If two or three horses win, your return increases based on their combined odds.
  • You bet on three football teams to win their respective matches with odds of 2/1, 9/4, and evens. A £10 Patent Bet will give you a return even if just one team wins, and the return value will grow with more winning teams.

Additional Tips:

  • Research your selections carefully: Don’t just blindly pick choices. Analyze form, stats, and other factors to improve your chances of winning.
  • Set a budget and stick to it: Patent Bets can be tempting due to their potential returns, but remember to gamble responsibly and manage your bankroll.
  • Consider each-way bets: You can place an “each-way” Patent Bet, which covers both win and place options for your selections. This increases the number of bets and potential returns, but also the cost.

Where can I place a Patent bet?


  • Most online and physical sportsbooks offer Patent bets. Look for reputable ones licensed in your region. Some popular choices include:
  • On these platforms, you can usually find the “Patent” option within the bet slip after you’ve chosen your three selections.

Horse Racing:

  • Patent bets are very popular in horse racing. Most online and physical racebooks will offer them for races.


I hope this information helps you find a secure and responsible way to place a Patent bet, if you choose to do so.