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Best Football Betting Sites in the UK 2024

How to choose from the best Football betting sites?

If betting on Football is your thing, the 1st thing you need when searching for new betting sites is find the best Football betting sites for you. We have put together some basics you might want to check up on.

Best football betting sites odds

Odds can differ from site to site and can vary from bet to bet so you need to decide what are your favourite football bets before you research this. We cover more on that later in the article but the short version is what do you like to bet on? The winner, draws, over / under scores, a player to be sent off and that’s to name just a few of the hundreds of markets available. Then simply check a handful of sites for the best odds.

Our recommendation at Uber Betting Sites is to check out our list of Football betting sites and join 3 or more sites. This will give you bonuses and free bets to play with and also you can check the odds at each site before placing your bets giving you the best value every single time.

Football betting sites special offers

Special offers are available across multiple sports including Horse Racing and Cricket but there are still plenty of Football offers around at the best Football betting sites. Here are some of the offers available:

Football betting markets

The best Football betting sites will have an extensive list of markets to bet on giving their customers the best experience possible. The amount of markets at the best Football betting sites is too big to list all of them here so we have added the main and most popular Football betting markets.

1×2 – The on 1×2 bet is the most common and oldest of all Football bets. It comes from Football betting coupons where you tick a box to show your selection for that match. For example if the match is Manchester United V Manchester City the 1 would stand for the home win (Manchester United), the X would signify the draw and if you ticked the 2 box it would show the Bookie you wanted to place a bet on the away win (Manchester City).

  • 1 = Home win
  • X = The draw
  • 2 = Away win

over / under score – The over / under score is pretty self explanatory. You will have amounts of goals to be scored in the game and you can decide if you think their will be more or less goals. The amount of goals will be over / under 1.5, 2.5 ,3.5, 4.5 and so on.

If betting in play you may be presented with just one choice for the amount of goals but the best Football betting sites will always have multiple options with varying odds. If the amount of goals you bet on is over 2.5 and there are 3 or more goals in the game then you will win. If there is 2 or less goals you will lose. You can also place under / over bets for the score at half time.

1st goalscorer – The 1st goalscorer market is when you bet on who will score the 1st goal of the match. Other variations of this bet are to score anytime where your chosen player can score at anytime of the match and the goal does not have to be 1st of the game. This will be shorter odds than the 1st goalscorer because you have more chance of winning. You can also bet on the 1st to score for their team.

If a match ends nil nil all of these bets will be losing bets. Although if you think that will be the result you can bet on no goalscorer in the match. The best Football betting sites will have a table showing you the odds of every player in each squad for any of the betting selections whether it be 1st time goalscorer, anytime goalscorer or 1st goalscorer for their team.

Both teams to score – Both teams to score is another popular bet at the best Football betting sites. The bet is simple; if you think both teams will score in 90 minutes you select yes. If you think only 1 or no teams will score you select no. A variation of this bet is a team to win and both teams to score. If you think the winner is obvious it’s a great way to place the bet at bigger odds so you can win more money.

For example if Chelsea are playing Liverpool and you think Chelsea will win but Liverpool will score a goal you would bet on Chelsea to win and both teams to score. If you think Liverpool will not get a goal then you would bet on Chelsea to win and both teams not to score. Or find the Chelsea to win to nil market.


When searching for the best Football betting sites you should always do your homework. The best Football betting sites should have special offers rewarding players for loyalty or the chance for players to get their money back if they lose or free bet offers. The best Football betting sites should have competitive odds giving you the maximum return every time you place a bet and the best Football betting sites should have a large selection of markets for players to choose from.