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Betfred lucky 15 bonus

Get treble the odds for just one winner

The Betfred lucky 15 bonus is by far the best lucky 15 bonus online. Pick 4 selections and get paid out at treble the odds is only one selection wins.

Applies to Horse and Greyhound bets only. Does not apply to virtual racing. 3 x the Odds on Lucky 15s. All selections must run. Paid in cash if only one winner. Full T&Cs Apply.

Betfred lucky 15 bonus for 1 winner

The Betfred lucky 15 bonus is unique as no other Betting sites offer such a thing. You’ll find winning bonuses if all 4 selections are winners, which they also offer. But in this instance if you have just 1 winner you’ll get paid out on that winner at 3 times the odds. so a 5/1 becomes a 15/1 winner, 10/1 becomes a 30/1 winner…

Just to expand on that a little further; If your 1 winning selection is 5/1 you’ll make a profit as the 5/1 becomes 15/1 plus your stake back for that bet. £1 per bet = £15 stake. £1 bet at 15/1 = £16 return (£15 plus your original £1 stake back). This offer is available to all new and existing customers. It is a general bonus available to everyone and not just new customers.

How to claim the Betfred lucky 15 bonus

There’s not any need to claim the Betfred lucky 15 bonus as it is awarded to every lucky 15 that has just one winner. Simply place your lucky 15 bet and if you have just one winner Betfred will pay out at treble the odds. It’s a great way to get some of your money back and can sometimes even pay out more than if two of your selections had won.

Other Betfred lucky 15 bonuses

Its not just the treble the odds for 1 winner available as part of the Betfred lucky 15 bonuses. They also pay out all correct bonuses. So if all 4 selections win you’ll get paid out an extra 10% which could be a potentially huge bonus.

Applies to Horse, Greyhound, Virtual Horse and Virtual Greyhound bets only. All selections must run. 10% bonus on Lucky 15/Yankee bets. 20% bonus on Lucky 31/Canadian bets. 25% bonus on Lucky 63/Heinz bets. Paid in cash if all selections are winners.

Why place my lucky 15 at Betfred?

If I was placing a Lucky 15 bet I would not place the bet anywhere else. No one else offers treble the odds for just one winner. A few betting sites offer double the odds but in comparison it just doesn’t compare. The Betfred lucky 15 bonus offers you the chance to get a good amount of your money back or even possibly make a profit if only 1 selection wins.

If all four selections win you will get a 10% bonus which is pretty standard among other bookies. This can equate to quite a lot of money on top of your winnings.

How to place a lucky 15 at Betfred

Learn how to place a lucky 15 bet at Betfred

  1. Pick your selections

    Choose your four horses or dogs for your lucky 15. They will show up in your bet slip.

  2. Choose your bet

    Scroll down the bet slip until you reach the acca options. Select the Lucky 15 or enter our stake.

  3. Enter stake

    Decide whether you want to bet on the outright winner or bet each way. If you decide to bet each way (win and place) then you will place 30 bets instead of 15 (double the stake). Choose how much you want to bet on each line (bet). If your stake per line is £1 (win only) then the total stake will be £15. £1 per line (bet) 15 bets = £15.

  4. Betfred lucky 15 bonus

    If only one selection wins you will get the Betfred lucky 15 bonus. This means you will get paid out at treble the odds for that one selection. For example if your Horse / Dog ran at 4/1 then you will get paid out at 12/1.