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The best UK Cricket Betting Sites of 2024

Cricket betting sites are getting more popular year on year. Cricket betting has been around since the game began, growing from a wager between friends in the stands to being able to place bets on a huge selection of markets online in the modern day.

Cricket betting offers

There are a huge amount of offers at Cricket betting sites. Bonuses and free bets available to both new and existing players. Choose the right site now and you’ll never have to look elsewhere to place a bet. Although there are advantages to joining multiple sites so you can get the most value for money every time you place a bet. You can view our best Cricket betting sites below for a more in depth look at each individual site. So what special offers can i look forward to you ask?

  • Free bets – Place a bet and get a free bet to the same value.
  • Risk free bets – Money back if your selection loses.
  • Deposit bonuses – Make a deposit and get a bonus. Usually 100% matched so your deposit gets doubled.
  • Moneyback specials – Money back specials can be as a risk free bet or some Bookies offer money back if you lose but the last ball went for 4 or a Football match ends in a boring 0-0 or something similar. The best money back specials are usually offered when big tournaments are taking place like the IPL or Cricket world cup.

How to bet on Cricket

Cricket betting comes in many forms as there is so many betting markets to choose from.

Win, Draw or Tie betting

You can go for the basic Cricket bet and choose a team to win or go for the draw in a test match. If your betting on any of the shorter formats of the game you can bet on a tie. Although this is a rarity, it does happen and the odds will be high giving you a massive return.

To place the bet simply click on your selection and it will be added to your betting slip which will usually be placed on the right hand side of the screen on a laptop or PC or at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device.

Under / Over Cricket betting

Many other Cricket betting markets are available and one of our favourite bets at Uber Betting Sites is the under / over market especially when betting in play. All Cricket betting sites will offer this bet in play as it is so popular. You will be given a total for the batting team to reach by the end of the innings and you will need to decide if the total will be under or over that amount. This bet is available in all formats of the game.

For example if India are playing England in an ODI with India 120/2 after 20 overs the predicted score may be 350.5 runs. Now you have to decide if they will score more or less. They have had a great start but if they lose a few quick wickets the run rate will slow very quickly! Are the spinners effective and how many overs do they have left? Is the pitch flat or deteriorating? What batting is still to come? Who’s bowling at the death? Decisions decisions.

A google search for average 1st or 2nd innings scores at this ground would also be a good idea which could also show highest run chases achieved and lowest scores defended for the 2nd innings.

Other markets to bet on at The best Cricket betting sites

There are many markets to bet on at the best Cricket betting sites. There is a summary of markets you will find at the best Cricket betting sites below.

  • A 100 Scored in an innings.
  • A 50 scored in an innings. We say in an innings because the bet will be either for a 50 or 100 to be scored in the 1st or 2nd innings. Or even individual teams 1st or 2nd innings in a test match.
  • Draw no bet – You will get your money back if the game ends in a draw. This is a good insurance policy but the bet will be shorter odds than to win in the 1×2 market.
  • 1st innings lead – Bet on the team to be winning after both have completed their 1st innings. Obviously this bet is not offered in the shorter formats of the game.
  • Top batsman for a team.
  • top Bowler for a team.
  • To win the toss – Yes you read correctly, you can even bet on who will win the toss.
  • 1st over total runs.
  • Next over total runs.
  • A boundary to be scored in the next over.
  • Next over runs odd or even.
  • o/u fall of next wicket – How many runs will be on the board when the next wicket falls?

Cricket betting sites

As you would expect Uber betting sites provide an excellent selection of Cricket betting sites with many special offers based around that popular sport. You can also get risk free bets so if you don’t win you’ll get your money back.