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Best Lucky 15 bonus – How to do a Lucky 15 and more

Use the best Lucky 15 bonuses to boost your returns when betting on the Horses or Dogs. Get treble the odds for just 1 winner or boosts when all 4 selections win.

The best Lucky 15 bonus depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. However, some of the best bookmakers for these bonuses in the UK include:

  • Betfred: Betfred offers the best bonus for Lucky 15s with only one winner, returning your stake at 3 times the odds. They also offer a 15% bonus if all four selections are correct.
  • Boylesports: Boylesports also offer a good bonus for Lucky 15s with one winner, returning your stake at 2.5 times the odds. They also offer a 10% bonus if all four selections are correct.
  • bet365: bet365 offers a 15% bonus if all four selections are correct. They also offer a consolation bonus of double the odds if only one selection wins.
  • William Hill: William Hill offers a 10% bonus if all four selections are correct. They also offer a consolation bonus of double the odds if only one selection wins.
  • Ladbrokes: Ladbrokes offers a 10% bonus if all four selections are correct. They also offer a consolation bonus of double the odds if only one selection wins.

It is important to note that these bonuses are subject to change, so it is always best to check the bookmaker’s website before placing a bet. You should also consider other factors such as the odds, the variety of markets available, and the customer support before choosing a bookmaker.

How to do a Lucky 15

Some people go into the Bookies or online and find themselves asking how to place this bet so we have created this guide explaining exactly how. But before you start, if your online we recommend Betfred simply because the Betfred lucky 15 bonus is so good and not available at any other betting sites.

When on site just pick 4 Horses / dogs and you’ll see the selections in your bet slip. Most bookmakers will have the Lucky 15 bet option waiting for you. Some will offer you 4 single bets, a 4 fold acca and a system bet. You want to pick the system bet then choose the Lucky 15 option. Tick the box if you want the eachway bet too.

If your in your local bookies they have slips especially for Lucky 15’s. Just fill it out and take it to the desk. If your not sure on the overall stake just fill that bit out at the counter and the cashier will help you. If you want your bet to be eachway you need to tick the box and remember it will also double your stake as the 15 bets becomes 30. 15 win and 15 eachway bets.

If your unsure of any aspect of the bet or still unsure how to fill the slip out just ask a member of staff in shop. They are always more than happy to help out and they might even make you a cup of tea.

Lucky 15 Bonus

Bonus offers are available at a selection of Bookmakers. They usually just consist of a % bonus on your winnings if all 4 selections come in. But we believe the Lucky 15 bonus at Betfred is by far the best. Simply pick your four selections and if you have only 1 winner they’ll pay you out at 3x the odds. For example a 5/1 winner would become 15/1. If you bet £1 per line that pays out £16 giving you a profit. Or at least some of your losses back should the odds be smaller.

What is a Lucky 15 eachway bet?

Most people know what a Lucky 15 bet is, but some still ask the question – what is a Lucky 15 eachway bet? It basically means you get the place as well. Its 2 lucky 15’s running side by side. 1 is just for the win as usual and the 2nd is the eachway bet (the place).

You have the same selections in each bet. For example if you have 4 selections and 2 of them win but the other 2 selections get a place you will have 2 winners but 4 places in your each way bet which could be a big amount depending on the Starting price. Personally i wouldn’t use the eachway option unless each Horse was at least 10/1 or greater.

What Is A Lucky 15

People often ask what is a Lucky 15 and how does it work so we’ve included this section to explain how it works.

A Lucky 15 is a bet made up of 4 selections.

  • 4 single bets – selections from races 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • 6 doubles – now we start multiply each double from the same selections above obviously dependant on which selections win. 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 2×3, 2×4, 3×4
  • 4 trebles – 1x2x3, 1x2x4, 1x3x4, 2x3x4
  • 1 four fold – 1x2x3x4. that win you win the big bucks because the odds / price keeps multiply by the next one and the doubles and trebles increase too.

The bet is predominantly used for Horse Racing but can be used for any sport like Football where you can back the 1×2 market, 1st goal scorer or any other market you can think of. One of the keys is to pick selections where the odds are not too short or you need them all to come in to make a profit. For example with a £1 stake per bet (15 bets) you would need 2 winners at 2/1 to break even. so if all your selections are over 2/1 you only need 2 winners to make a profit.

Lucky 15 Calculator

Calculators can be handy to help you figure out your returns. Especially if you have hit 3 out of 4 with the 4th Horse still to run and you want to know what you have won and what you will win if the final Horse wins. Most Horse racing betting sites have a free lucky 15 Calculator that’s easy to use. If not then a simple google search will give you many options to use betting calculators.