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Slingo bonus codes

During the registration process you will need to enter a Slingo bonus code. We have a full list of all the latest Slingo promo codes in this table.

IMPORTANT, the code will only work if you join the site via one of our join site buttons. Simply press the button and you will be taken to the registration page where you can enter the Slingo bonus code “50WLW” to receive the offer.

Slingo codes


Slingo bonus code

100% bonus up to £50

Click here and enter bonus code: 50WLW

Slingo promo code.

£50 bonus

Click here and enter promo code: 50WLW

No deposit bonus code

Not available

Not currently available

Claim code

Claim up to £50

Click here and enter claim code: 50WLW

Slingo free spins code

No free spins code available

No free spins code

What is a Slingo bonus code?

A Slingo bonus code is a code you enter during the registration process to ensure you claim the latest Slingo sign up offer. The term comes with many varieties including promo code, claim code, voucher code, sign up code, welcome bonus code and many more. But ultimately they all mean the same thing. Enter a code and receive a bonus. Terms and conditions will always apply and you must be 18 or over to claim.

Is a bonus code the same as a Slingo promo code?

Bonus code and promo code mean the same thing. Promo being short for promotion and has become the go to word when offering a bonus.

How do I use the Slingo bonus code?

Using the Slingo bonus code.

  1. Find your promo code

    In the table at the top of this page you will find our full list of the latest promo codes. Simply note this down and continue to follow the rest of the instructions.

  2. Go to the Slingo website

    You have your voucher code and are now ready to join the site. Find the join site button to proceed. When you hit that you will be taken to the Slingo website.

  3. Join

    Now on site you just need to hit the “join” button (top right corner). This will open the registration form.

  4. Enter your Slingo bonus code

    Enter your details by filling in all the required fields. Make sure all details are correct as these will be used later to verify the account. starting on the 1st page with name, email address, date of birth and gender (not sure why that’s relevant). If you complete the registration form and have not been asked to enter a Slingo bonus code do not panic. You will either be asked to enter one when you make your first deposit or you will not be required to enter one at all at this time. You will still receive your bonus.

  5. Make a deposit end receive your bonus

    Once registered you will need to make a deposit to receive your bonus. If your bonus is not in your account once your deposit has reached your account please contact support. You will find contact options by scrolling to the bottom of the page on site. You will have a choice of email or live chat. However live chat is only available between 6am and midnight.

Why should i use a Slingo bonus code?

You should always use a Slingo bonus code if one is required. If not you may not receive your bonus. As pointed out in our how to use the Slingo bonus code guide you may not be asked for a code. But you should always check so not to miss out. You may find that more than one promo code is available. This can often be because more than one welcome bonus is available.

For example if you are offered a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus or free spins you may be required to enter a Slingo promo code so the Casino knows which of the welcome bonuses you would like to claim.

Are there any no deposit bonus codes?

There are not currently a Slingo no deposit bonus code. The only bonus available at this time is the current offer advertised at the top of this page. Although if you join the site you may receive no deposit offers from time to time as part of ongoing or seasonal promotions.